English Room Term 2

From Term 2 the English Room has been available after school for students wishing to practice their English. Students can come to ask questions about homework, play games or simply have a conversation. It has been wonderful to have a small group come every week and we are hoping to have more girls join soon. Let’s enjoy English time. All are welcome!




  1. 中3GS 社会「ライフサイクルゲームⅢ」

  2. 中3DS 被爆者講演会

  3. 松蔭高校 Blue Earth Project チームY inマリンピ…

  4. 関西大学 総合情報学部 徳山美津恵先生 出張講義

  5. J2GS 校外学習(大阪歴史博物館)

  6. 「関西大学SDGsパートナー制度」登録