Shoin Junior High School Recitation Contest

On March 12th, 2022 we held the annual Shoin Junior High School Recitation Contest in the auditorium.

It gives our students a chance to show how well they have become at presenting their stories and speeches they have been practicing for many months.

There were 4 competitions that were judges separately. J1 students performed a poem, J2 memorized an Aesop fable, and J3 students from B and C classes presented a famous children’s book. Lastly, students from J3A, the special English class, gave speeches which they wrote themselves.  Our Global Stream student also entertained us with English presentations they have been working on this year.

Students enjoyed hearing their classmates do their best in English.

1st place and 2nd place were awarded to each of the 4 categories of presenters. Shoin has a special partnership with St. Michael’s international school and one of their teachers, Mr. Bunch, helped judge the contest and made a brief speech.

We thank all those involved with making the contest possible, and look forward to next year’s contest.


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