2023 English Room Winter Report

The English Room has been quite successful this year. Thank you to all students who had time after school to come and participate in fun activities. In Term 3 we will also open the English Room during lunch break on Mondays. The schedule will be posted outside the room. Please come and bring your friends! Have a safe Christmas and see you in 2024.




  1. English Room Term 2

  2. English Room Term 3

  3. 2023年度 セント・ピーターズ校 夏季研修

  4. 2023年度中学3年生(GS)海外研修

  5. 2023年度 奉仕活動の日”SHOIN School Campaign…

  6. 2023年度 カナダ・アルバータ州 短期研修【高1GL】